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Originally from Southern California, Lewis has lived in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas since 2001 with his wife of over 40 years and their 2 Chihuahuas. After playing bass guitar with Vigilante, a Southern California originals band, Lewis took a very long hiatus to make a living away from music. Returning to music in 2017, he formed the cover band, Shadow, and played small shows around the Hot Springs Village, Arkansas area. In 2019 he broke away from cover music to return to his passion; to write, perform, and record original music. His music ranges from melodic folk-rock to heavy metal. The vast majority of his music is written and performed exclusively by himself with occasional assistance from his brother-in-law, Doug Topham, on lead guitar. Lewis’ music is recorded and published through his private studio, Black Cloud Studio.

(Village Voice- 2023)

I started playing music in 1968. I started writing music in 1980. After a very long hiatus, I began writing music again in 2017. With few exceptions, all songs are written and performed by me. Any exceptions will be noted in the credits. My passion is to create music and share it with those who might enjoy it. It is my hope that you will find something here that you will enjoy. I hope you have a great life.

~Lewis Mathis~

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